UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION NET BUREAU NET SYLLABUS Subject : Management Unit-I Management – Concept, Process, Theories and Approaches, Management Roles and Skills Unit-II Organisational Behaviour – Significance & Theories Unit-III Strategic Role of Human Resource Management Unit-IV Accounting Principles and Standards, Preparation of Financial Statements Unit-V Value & Returns – Time Preference for Money, Valuation of Bonds and Shares, Risk and Returns; Unit-VI Strategic Management – Concept, Process, Decision & Types Unit-VII Consumer and Industrial Behaviour: Theories and Models of Consumer Behaviour Unit-VIII Statistics for Management: Concept, Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion, Probability Distribution – Binominal, Poison, Normal and Exponential Unit-IX International Business – Managing Business in Globalization Era; Theories of International Trade; Balance of Payment Unit-X Entrepreneurship Development – Concept, Types, Theories and Process, Developing Entrepreneurial Competencies UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION NET BUREAU NET SYLLABUS Subject : Political Science Unit – 1 : Political Theory Unit – 2 : Political Thought Unit – 3 : Indian Political Thought Unit – 4 : Comparative Political Analysis Unit – 5 : International Relations Unit – 6 : India’s Foreign Policy Unit – 7 : Political Institutions in India Unit – 8 : Political Processes in India Unit – 9 : Public Administration Unit – 10 : Governance and Public Policy in Indi UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION NET BUREAU NET SYLLABUS Subject : Geography Unit-I : Geomorphology Unit-II : Climatology Unit-III: Oceanography Unit-IV : Geography of Environment Unit-V : Population and Settlement Geography Unit-VI : Geography of Economic Activities and Regional Development Unit-VII: Cultural, Social and Political Geography Unit-VIII: Geographic Thought Unit-IX : Geographical Techniques Unit-X : Geography of India UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION NET BUREAU NET SYLLABUS Subject : Commerce Unit 1 : Business Environment and International Business Unit 2 : Accounting and Auditing Unit 3 : Business Economics Unit 4 : Business Finance Unit 5 : Business Statistics and Research Methods Unit 6 : Business Management and Human Resource Management Unit 7 : Banking and Financial Institutions Unit 8 : Marketing Management Unit 9 : Legal Aspects of Business Unit 10 : Income-tax and Corporate Tax Planning fo’ofo|ky; vuqnku vk;ksx usV&C;wjks fo”k;&fgUnh Code No. 20 ikB~;Øe bdkbZ&I : fgUnh Hkk”kk vkSj mldk fodklA bdkbZ&II : fgUnh lkfgR; dk bfrgkl fgUnh lkfgR; dh x| fo/k,a bdkbZ&III : lkfgR;’kkL=k bdkbZ&IV : oSpkfjd i`”BHkwfe bdkbZ&V : fgUnh dfork bdkbZ&VI : fgUnh miU;kl bdkbZ&VII : fgUnh dgkuh bdkbZ&VIII : fgUnh ukVd bdkbZ&IX : fgUnh fuca/ bdkbZ&X : vkRedFkk] thouh rFkk vU; x| fo/k,a UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION NET BUREAU NET SYLLABUS Subject : English Unit – I :Literary Comprehension (with internal choice of poetry stanza and prose passage; four comprehension questions will be asked carrying 4 marks each). Unit – II : Up to the Renaissance. Unit – III : Jacobean to Restoration Periods. Unit – IV : Augustan Age 18th Century Literature. Unit – V : Romantic Period. Unit – VI : Victorian and Pre – Raphaelites. Unit – VII : Modem British Literature. Unit – VIII: Contemporary British Literature. Unit – IX: Literary Theory and Criticism up to T. S. Eliot. Unit – X: Contemporary Theory.